Did you know your green thumb can help alleviate hunger right here in Lincoln? We’re excited to kick off our annual Grow & Share program, connecting local gardeners with neighbors in our community who are in need of fresh produce. When your garden provides you with more than you can use, drop off the excess at one of our garden center locations and it will be distributed by the Food Bank of Lincoln to those who need it most. The Food Bank estimates there are 60,150 food insecure individuals in their service area, which encompasses 16 counties in southeastern Nebraska. Last year’s Grow & Share program yielded more than 2,200 pounds of produce for hungry families in Southeast Nebraska. As the Food Bank of Lincoln’s Executive Director Scott Young said, “Nothing beats the taste of a juicy, homegrown tomato. This and all types of fresh produce are important to the agencies and families served by the Food Bank. It is the best, most nutritious option we can distribute. During the summer months, the gardeners in Lincoln and nearby communities can make a real difference in the lives of families and individuals by sharing from their gardens.” Here are some tips to make sure your contribution gets to those who need it: Drop-off Locations: 2342 S. 40th Street 5625 Pine Lake Road To avoid spoilage, bring your produce in paper sacks or cardboard boxes rather than plastic bags. Do not pre-wash the produce. Do not refrigerate the produce. Check out the food bank’s website for more information on all the amazing work they do for our community and for more opportunities to get involved! http://lincolnfoodbank.org/index.php 

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