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Seasonal Design

Our team will design custom planter liners featuring seasonally appropriate plants: cold-tolerant in early spring, heat-loving in summer, and late-blooming for the fall. Plastic liner can be slipped into a decorative planter for easy care and seasonal change. Price includes liner, soil, slow-release fertilizer (feeds plants for 3 months), home-grown annuals, and expert design.

$6 per inch diameter of the container for seasonal planter only.

$7.50 per inch diameter of the container for seasonal planter and a monthly visit from our team to trim and refresh any struggling plants.

For containers larger than 18" pricing may differ, please request a consultation with our designers.

For delivery, add $20

Holiday Design

Our team will design a custom planter liner for the holiday season. Price includes liner, soil, fresh cut greenery, cut dogwood or curly willow, small pine cones, and expert design.

For clients wanting a more specialized design, accessories may be added from our holiday shop. These include birch poles, shatterproof ornaments, lanterns, lights, metal structures (spheres and obelisks), designer ribbon, and artificial berries. The cost of these items will be added to the $5 per inch design price.

$5 per inch diameter of the container

For containers larger than 18" pricing may differ, please request a consultation with our designers.

For delivery, add $20

Artificial Arrangements

For clients needing a maintenance-free option, floral design services with artificials for all seasons are available. Pricing is determined by the size of arrangement and the materials selected. Please visit the 56th & Pine Lake location for a personal consultation.


Stop in any time at our 56th & Pine Lake location for a consultation. To create the best design for your site, we'll need to know:

  • What is the inside measurement of the decorative container? (Use your own or choose from our frost-proof ceramic, poly-resin, or fiber clay selections)
  • Are there size restrictions on the design? (Measurements of a porch roof or awning, locations of windows and doors)
  • How much light does the container receive, at what time of day? (At least 6 hours of continuous light is considered full sun, with afternoon sun being much more intense than morning sun)
  • What is the desired level of maintenance? (Most containers will need to be watered daily in the hottest part of the summer, some annuals perform better when deadheaded or trimmed occasionally)
  • What is the style of the space? (Modern, eclectic, traditional)

With the answers to these questions, our designers can create a beautiful, stylish container to accent your space. We're happy to look at photos of the site and favorite designs from Pinterest (or your neighbors!) on your phone if you have a specific vision in mind.

In peak season, please plan for up to 10 days for planters to be completed.

Request a Consultation!

Request a consultation from our container design experts!
  • If you have an existing container, please measure the inside diameter.
  • Please check morning or afternoon, and the length of time the container will receive sunlight.
  • How much care will the plants receive?
  • Please include favorite colors or plants, site style, and anything else that would help our designers create the perfect container for your home or business.
  • Drop site photos and favorite designs from the internet or your neighborhood here.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Please include address if delivery or maintenance is required.
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