Selecting Varieties

  • Kennebec: late maturing (110-140 days). Oblong, white-skinned, general use potato. Do not over fertilize, this leads to poor production.
  • Red Pontiac: early maturing (80 days) One of the most adaptable red potatoes with the most consistent flavor. Deep red skin and eyes with white flesh.
  • Yukon Gold: matures in mid-season (90-100 days). Golden skin, buttery taste that’s good mashed or baked. Good storage.

Planting & Care

Cut the potato into chunks so that there are at least two good eyes in each piece. Let the cut pieces dry for several days before planting. Plant the pieces with the eye facing up four inches deep, 12 inches apart. Rows should be 24 inches apart. When plants are five to six inches high, mound soil from between rows into hills that cover the stems up to the lower leaves. Fertilize or compost in bands beside the rows at planting time. Water regularly; under-watering will cause hollow tubers.

Harvesting & Storage

New potatoes are ready for harvest as soon as the plant flowers. For full-size potatoes, harvest when tops yellow and die back. Store in a dark, dry place.

Container Potatoes

Potatoes can also be grown in containers! Choose a large container like an old trash can, large plastic tote, or stake chicken wire in a circle and line with straw or burlap. Cut seed potatoes as described above, then place them on top of four to six inches of soil in the container, five to seven inches apart. Cover them with three or four inches of soil. Continue to cover the potatoes with soil as they grow, just like in the row system. When the potatoes show signs of being ready to harvest, knock the container over and the crop will tumble out!

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