Plant in mid-April when the ground temperatures reach about 45 degrees. Choose a sunny area with good drainage, and mix compost into the soil. Use a wide edging to contain runners into their designated area. Plant a June-bearing variety for a big harvest early in the season, or ever-bearing for a steady harvest throughout the spring and summer.

Feed in the fall with a balanced or low-nitrogen fertilizer. Strawberry plants decrease in vigor after a few years, so start with fresh, healthy plants and replace after four or five years.

Matted Row System

Plant 18” apart, with three to four feet in between rows. Runners are allowed to grow, producing a mat two to three feet wide the length of the row. You can skip planting every other row space, fill it in the next spring, and allow the runners to fill in the space.

Hill System

Set plants in a hill 12” apart with 12” between rows. Pick off runners to allow the plant to put all of its energy into producing fruit. There’s a lot more maintenance with this method, but it produces larger berries.

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