Fall planter season is in full swing. Our stores are stocked with blooming asters and mums, and we’ve put together some fresh designs to inspire your planting! Try adding a wrought iron sphere or tuteur for a polished look. As the weather cools and plants finish blooming, leave seed heads and grass plumes to use as a base for evergreen arrangements in the winter. If you need help designing the perfect planter for your porch or want custom work, stop by our potting bench to talk to one of our experienced designers.

Hameln Fountaingrass seeds against Keystone Kopper Coleus, a burgundy Wyoming Canna fills in behind.

Stormy Seas Coralbells paired with Stained Glassworks “Copper” Coleus, set off with bright green Lemongrass.
Osaka Flowering Cabbage nestled in front of a Sinelli Yellow Mum.
Fireworks Fountaingrass and Heaven’s Gate Coreopsis have a wild look in this planter, with Tricolor Sage and Wildfire Sedum trailing over the rim.
Pansies, a cool-weather classic.

Red Sprite Holly against an evergreen background can be a good base for fall planters transitioning into winter. Remember that plants in pots are for seasonal enjoyment, they rarely survive our winters!

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