Raspberries are easy to grow and long-lived. There are two groups of raspberries: summer-bearing produce one crop per season, ever-bearing produce in the summer and fall. Planting & Care: Plant three feet apart in early spring in a bed prepared with compost or manure. Water well while the plant is getting established. Mulch well to discourage weeds and retain moisture. Clean up any debris in the fall, this provides shelter for overwintering diseases and pests. Pruning: Summer Bearing: (Heritage, Black Bristol) Second year canes will fruit on these varieties. Cut back the oldest canes after fruiting has finished, leaving this year’s growth for next year’s fruiting. Supports should not be needed when the plant is well pruned. Everbearing: (Shortcake) These varieties don’t need any special pruning, just trim out any dead or broken branches, and thin out occasionally. Supports shouldn’t be needed on these smaller plants. Harvesting: Berries will ripen over a two-week period. Pick berries every couple of days, gently pulling on each berry. They should come off the vine easily.  

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