We’ve just received our first shipment of perennial plugs for the year and we’re all feeling a little bit of spring fever. We love growing plants, and we wanted to share with you our part in the process they go through on their way to your home.             We have two production facilities: one next to our original store location on 40th Street, and “The Farm” at 134th and O Streets. At 40th Street our annuals, vegetables, herbs, and large succulents are grown. Staff members there also design our hanging baskets and many of our mixed annual planters, they grow mums and other accent plants for the fall, and they raise the pride and joy of our Christmas season: Campbell’s poinsettias. Perennials, shrubs, and trees are grown and maintained at The Farm on 134th Street.         We begin by searching the best wholesale nurseries around the country for superior varieties of plants with new and exciting color options, improved disease and insect resistance, and well-tested hardiness to our part of the Great Plains. The plants arrive to our production facilities in the form of plugs, bulbs, cuttings, and bare root specimens, and then our production staff plants them into containers to grow. Over the winter they are watered, fertilized, monitored for insects, and pinched and pruned until they are quality specimens ready to be sent to the stores for sale.           The plants are then shipped to our retail greenhouses, where our staff continue growing and maintaining them. The store staff is passionate about educating our customers on finding the perfect plant for their unique space. We’ll use our knowledge and design expertise to help you make your vision a reality.           When you take home one of our plants, we are here to support you in making your gardening experience a success. We provide information so you can properly care for your plant, and help you problem-solve when it’s looking unhealthy. If needed, we carry a wide range of products (organic or otherwise) to help control any problems. Our perennials, shrubs, roses, and trees all carry a warranty to give you room to experiment.           We’re grateful to our community here in Lincoln for supporting our business for over 100 years, and we love to help out where we can with community education and projects. We also aim to serve our community by protecting our little corner of the planet. In all our greenhouses, we’re committed to using the gentlest solution possible to control disease and insects. We often collect praying mantis egg sacs in the winter and order live lady bugs in the spring and summer to create a more balanced ecosystem in our facilities. Our perennials are protected from chemicals that might be harmful to pollinators. We also use rainwater runoff retention ponds at The Farm to help us conserve water.             We are so excited for spring, we hope to see you in our stores soon!

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