The freshly cut tree is the centerpiece of Christmas decorating. Campbell’s is proud to offer only the highest quality Christmas trees available, cut and immediately shipped to our stores so your  tree looks beautiful through the whole season. We give each of our trees a fresh cut before they leave our stores so the tree is ready to take up water. They should be placed in their stands in a pan of water immediately when they arrive at your home. If you’d like us to do it for you, delivery and standing of the trees are free for Lincoln homes. We also offer flocking services for those that want a snowy look.

Frasier Fir

Our most popular tree featuring strong branching with short, dark green needles with silvery undertones. It holds it needles and fragrance the longest of any cut tree. The branches grow upright and are strong enough to hold heavy ornaments.

Balsam Fir

This pyramidal fir has olive green needles with white undersides and keeps its fragrance throughout the season.

Scotch Pine

The classic Christmas tree, holding its needles for several weeks. The stiff branches hold heavy ornaments. Pines aren’t quite as fragrant as firs, but this one does have a soft scent.

White Pine

This pine has long, soft needles with bright green coloring. This tree has a feathery texture that looks beautiful strung with lights, but the branches may not hold heavy ornaments as well as some of the other options. It’s fragrance isn’t as strong, good for those with allergies to other trees.


Just like a cut flower, a cut tree needs a constant supply of water to stay fresh, green, and fragrant. At first, fill the water basin of your tree stand with hot (but not boiling) water. This helps melt the sap and open the vessels in the trunk that carry water. Regular tap water may be used throughout the season. Make sure the cut trunk surface is always submerged in water. Certain styles of tree stands have small water basins and these may need to be watered as often as three times each day. If the tree should ever stop taking water, use a chisel to cut open the bark at the base of the trunk below the water level. Then, fill the basin with hot water again.



There are several tree recycling locations throughout Lincoln. Using this service keeps the trees out of our landfill, and the trees are ground into mulch that is available for free for city residents. The Boy Scouts will also pick up your tree and deliver it to the recycling centers.

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