Picea orientalis ‘Deer Run’

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Oriental Spruces are symmetrical, formal-looking trees with strong wood and dense foliage made up of short, square needles. They’re more narrow and compact than other species, with even shorter needles. Spruces are prized for their color and distinct form that holds up well even with age. Deer Run is narrow and upright with blue-green color and short needles. Cones add ornamental interest in the spring. Prefer moderately moist, well-drained soil but perform well in clay soils of the Midwest. Oriental spruces are more drought tolerant than other species. They can be planted in most average soils in the area with enough moisture during establishment. Avoid pruning lower branches, they will help shade and cool the soil. Effective as windbreaks.Because they’re slow growing (no more than 12-15 inches per year), Spruces form a dense habit that rarely needs pruning. If needed, prune just the new growth in the spring as it is forming.

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