Our Mission

Campbell’s has deep roots in Lincoln, and we are proud to be a standard of gardening in southeast Nebraska. We believe a connection with the natural world is a foundation of the human experience. Our mission is to help you create a beautiful, healthy, fruitful environment regardless of your space. From sprawling acreages to urban backyards to balcony planters, we all have an opportunity to be inspired by nature’s design. We work to empower plant lovers by connecting them with experts in our stores and in the community as we all grow together.

56th Street

Garden Center

The Design Center at 56th & Pine Lake Road

Our expert staff is available to offer guidance with the design of landscapes, containers, and interior plantscapes. Plant health specialists can help find solutions to problem areas, plants, or pests. The Design Center features our full line of annuals, hanging baskets, houseplants, gift items, and home decor. An extensive selection of perennials, shrubs, and trees is available, including mature B&B sized trees. You’ll also find mulches, potting soils, chemicals, and other gardening necessities. This location is also home to our main offices and the Landscape and Container Design departments.

Phone: (402) 423-1133
Landscape Design: (402) 423-4556

40th Street

Garden Center

The Neighborhood Garden Shop on South 40th Street

Conveniently located in the heart of Lincoln since 1950 with mulch and fertilizers, tools, problem-solving advice and chemicals. A full selection of over 200 varieties of annuals and hanging baskets are grown on site and delivered daily to the garden center. A curated collection of our favorite perennials, shrubs, houseplants, and gifts and home decor are also available.

Phone: (402) 483-7891

Our Story

The Campbell’s have been known among their neighbors for being a source for garden plants for over a century, and in 1912 Claude Campbell officially turned his gardening hobby into a backyard business, selling bedding plants to neighbors and cut flowers to visitors to the cemetery across the street. His son, Bob, grew the family passion for plants by pursuing an education in horticulture and returning in 1950 to expand the business into Lincoln’s first full-service local nursery on South 40th Street. The third generation of Campbell’s carried on the legacy by adding a second garden center, another growing facility, and a landscape design, installation, and maintenance division. Now operated by the fourth generation, Campbell’s is still proud to serve the Lincoln community today.