Water Gardening - FAQ

Do I need a filter?
Only if clear water is what you desire and you have very little patience.

What filter do I need?
That depends upon your budget and the size of your pond.

How big of a pump do I need?
That depends upon the flow rate of the filter you choose.
Waterfalls – 1200 GPH.

Can I run the waterfall and fountainhead with the same pump?
Yes, but you will reduce the flow rate of the waterfall.

How do I clean the filter?
Use pond water to clean the filter, city water will kill the bacteria.

How many plants do I need?

How many fish do I need?

Do I need to clean the pond in the spring?
Yes. It is very important to remove decaying material.

How do I kill the algae growing on the side of the pond?
You really don’t want to kill the algae as it protects the liner from UV. You may have to weed it.

Can I save the plants over winter?
Hardy plants you can place at the bottom of your pond but not at the deepest part where the fish will hang out.

What is the formula for figuring the amount of water in the pond?

What does UVC do?
Kills algae that turns your water pea green in color.

How deep should the pond be?
One part needs to be a minimum of 36" deep, I prefer 40" in at least one area.

I have a low area that water collects and have thought about putting a pond there.
This would be probably the worst area to put a pond because of pollutant problems.

Do I need to fertilize my plants? How often?

Will it harm the fish?


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