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Landscape Designer


Position Summary: Develop landscape designs and cost estimates and work with potential customers to promote profitable sales of nursery and related products, with sales and service to the customer as the top priority.

Job Requirements:
• Ability to create formal and informal landscape plans
• Knowledge of plant material and their specific use is essential
• Must have experience and understanding of plants and their maintenance
• Formal training or equivalent experience in Landscape Horticulture and Landscape Design.
• Must have flexible hours to meet the needs of our customers.
• Must be detail oriented and effective communicator of project objectives.

• Make Contacts
• Set up Appointments
• Inspect the site
• Discuss budget considerations, define objectives
• Develop Design, utilizing information concerning customer needs, product availability and suitability
• Review design with customers, Modify plans as appropriate
• Communicate with installation foreman, visit sites to review installation progress.
• Ensure that all contacts with customers are carried through in an ethical and business-like manner.
• Have knowledge of additional projects that complement the design. (Retaining walls, water features, patios, sprinkler systems, etc.

Campbell’s Nurseries is a drug & alcohol free workplace.

Click here to download a job application

Return the completed application to the office at 5625 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln.


Click here to download a job application

Return the completed application in person to the office at:
5625 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln

Campbell's Nurseries is a drug free workplace.

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