Email Directory

If you do not see the person you are looking for please e-mail Cassie Garrett and we will attempt to forward your message to the proper person.

Andrew Campbell
Landscape Designer

Ann & Carol Campbell
Christmas & Gift Buyers

Dick Campbell
Board Member / Landscape Designer

Doug Campbell
Corp Secretary/Treasurer – Field & Container Production

John Campbell
Landscape Maintenance & Installation Foreman

Meggan Roeber

Landscape Installation & Maintenacne Manager


Mike Campbell
Vice-President – Greenhouse

Leonard Frede
Annual Production Manager

Cassie Garrett
Human Resources
Web Page

Paula Hydo
Business Office
Accounts Receivable


Samantha Johnson

Landscape Designer


Bob Minert

Landscape Designer

Brian Munk
Green Goods Sales

Duane Novotny
56th Street Garden Center Manager

Cory Priefert
Accounts Payable

Sandy Priefert


Tony Schukei

Landscape Designer

Ryan Stewart
Landscape Designer


Alan Sims
Field & Container Production Manager


Dennis Theye
Landscape Designer
Village Gardens Construction Manager

Randy Wolf
40th Street Garden Center Manager


Garden Centers & Hours

40th & Normal: 402.483.7891
56th & Pine Lake: 402.423.1133
Landscape Office: 402.423.4556

Mon - Sat, 9:00 am -6:00 pm
Sunday, Noon - 5:00 pm

Closed Memorial Day